DVR Engineering specialises in:
  • Precision high hardness armour components
  • Precision light to heavy sheet metal engineering and fabrication
  • Spray metalising, powder coating and wet spray to Military Specifications.

Manufacturing for diverse range of Industries:

  • Defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Maritime
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Commercial & Private Organisations


Why DVR Engineering?
  • 26+ years of precision metal engineering Experience
  • 7 acres (30,000 mē) under roof modern manufacturing facility
  • Latest technology CNC cutting and machining facility
  • Quality endorsed company AS/NZS 9001:2008 & AS/NZS 14001:2004
  • Product Assembly, Packaging, Storage and Delivery.

Capabilities: DVR has over 40 CNC machines, including:

  • CNC Laser Tube Cutting (up to 400mm dia.x 15m) 
  • CNC Laser cutting (12m x 2.5m)
  • CNC High Def. Plasma (12.5m x 3.5m) with bevelling head
  • CNC Milling (6m x2.5m—5 Face)
  • CNC Turning with live tools
  • CNC Brake Press (8m x 1000T - 4 axis)

DVR Engineering is a manufacturer of precision High Hardness Armour components for the Defence Industry, precision sheet metal components, pressed steel products, and fabrication/assemblies with the capability of spray metalising, powder coating and wet spray to Military specifications.

DVR Engineering is based in Melbourne and proudly services its valued clients across Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide.

DVR Engineering is proud of its heritage of technical excellence and modern manufacturing capabilities and techniques, incorporating CNC Laser and Plasma cutting, various CNC Milling and Turning machines, and CAD technologies. (UNIGRAPHICS).

Our objective is to continually be competitive and a customer focused supplier ensuring that our products and services consistently satisfy our customer expectations and needs at all times. In pursuit of this objective, it is the policy of DVR Engineering to establish and maintain an effective business management system appropriate to the nature, scale, and impacts of our activities, and seeks continuous improvements for long-term development, economic growth, greater market share, and takes active responsibility for the care of our environment.

DVR Engineering is committed to customer satisfaction and service by providing products and services that are of the highest quality for their intended use. Our success in achieving these goals will be monitored using regular customer surveys.

It is the policy of DVR Engineering to operate a Business Management System to meet or exceed Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO9001: 2008 and AS/NZS ISO14001: 2004, to ensure that end consistent control is established, implemented and maintained.

A subsidiary company of DVR Engineering: AAI Pty Ltd (Advanced Armaments International), experts at ballistics and mechanical testing of a broad cross section of elements including armour for Civilian, Military and Law Enforcement purposes from Australia & New Zealand and Global -



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