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Assembly is a critical process in manufacturing as it ensures that individual parts and components are combined and fit together to create a sub-assembled or fully assembled finished product. Depending on the complexity of the product, the assembly process can be simple or highly complex.

Our assembly area is run by professional, multi-skilled technicians with extensive experience and knowledge in mechanical and electrical assembly processes. They have an outstanding ability to interpret complex technical drawings and troubleshoot any problems that arise during the assembly process.

Our assembly jigs and fixtures are designed and manufactured in-house to simplify and improve the process.


Our assembly process involves a series of steps:

  1. Planning the assembly process to determine the individual parts, components, and hardware are all available to complete the assembly and identify the assembly tools and equipment required.
  2. Determine the correct assembly sequence and layout of the parts and hardware in order
  3. Assemble the parts in the planned sequence by following the assembly drawings and specifications.
  4. Once the assembly is complete, the assembly is inspected and if required, tested to ensure that it meets the required specifications and functions
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