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CNC Tube Bending

tube bendingTube bending is a metal-forming process in which metal tubing is bent into a desired shape or geometry. This allows for the production of many complex shapes with a precision that cannot be achieved through different machining methods.

Thanks to the powerful modern CNC technology, tubes of varying shapes and sizes can accurately be bent with high repeatability, thus ensuring the production of quality parts.

Our facilities are equipped with a fully automatic 8-axis CNC Tube Bending Machine that is capable of performing various degrees of mandrel bending. It is able to produce complex bends with high precision in round, square, oval and rectangular tubes, as well as solid flat and round bars to meet our customer's requirements.

Our 8-axis CNC bending machine can precisely control the degree of bending and the distance between bends while operating multiple axes simultaneously to reduce bending time and allow for an efficient process that is capable of performing batch bending to accommodate high quantity orders.

Bending capabilities:

  • Max Tub Diameter     100 mm
  • Max Wall Thickness   4mm
  • Max Bending Angle   190 degrees
  • Bending Accuracy      1 degree

Numerous materials can be bent with great accuracy including mild steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium.


Our Hydraulic End Forming Machine can shape the end of a tube or pipe to create various shapes, such as flares, beads, and end reductions.

Capacity – 80mm x 3.0mm Wall

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